Approval of Individual Learning Activity FAQ

Q: What is required for IAFN CE Program Approval?

A: The Individual Educational Activity (IEA) must meet standards for program planning, assessment of learners’ needs and professional practice gaps, identification of learning outcomes, and utilization of teaching strategies that engage the learner. The educational design process includes procedures for protecting content from bias and providing learners appropriate information and documentation related to their participation. The nurse planner (RN with a BSN) takes an active role in these activities. They are responsible for conducting and appropriately documenting a needs assessment for the target audience as well as developing, planning, implementing and evaluating the educational activity.


Q: What are the requirements for program presenter(s)?

A: All program presenter(s) credentials must be carefully considered and evaluated by the nurse planner. The presenters’ credentials and content expertise should be documented in the application and Financial Discosure form. 


Q: I have multiple presenters. What information do I need to provide when I submit my online application?

A: We require the content title, date, time, presenter(s), content description and teaching method for each individual presentation in the program. The presenter(s) are to provide a Financial Disclosure form as well. This will allow us to validate the requested contact hours, program content and presenter(s) expertise.


Submitting Your Application

Q: Should I submit any other documentation in addition to the application and the CE Program Approval Supplement?

A: Please refer to the list of required forms.  Contact with questions.


Q: Can I submit an online application but mail my check payment separately in order to meet the submission deadline,? 

A:  Yes; however, your application will not be reviewed or approved until your payment has been received.


Q: Can I submit an online application after a program has been held?

A: No, we do not award CE contact hours retroactively.


Q: How will I be notified of the results of my application?

A: We will notify the contact person noted on the online application of their approval status via email. 


Q: How will I know if there are any problems with my submission?

A: We will email the contact person noted on the online application if there are any questions or concerns. Additionally, the applicant is welcomed to contact us with any questions at any time.


Record Keeping

Q. What documentation am I required to keep for my program?

A. For each program, the following documentation must be maintained in a secure and confidential manner for seven years:

·         Title, location and date of the presentation

·         All evaluation tools used

·         Participant names and addresses

·         Copy of the presentation

·         Sample certificate of completion

·         CV of each presenter



Additional Information

Q: Why are the contact hours on my approval letter different than what I requested in my online application?

A: We calculate the contact hours based on information provided in your online application and the CE Program Approval Application Supplement. Check to be sure that all of your eligible content and contact hours have been submitted.


Q: Can I award CE contact hours if an attendee does not stay for the complete program?

A: Participants are required to attend a complete program in order to be eligible for CE. Criteria for awarding contact hours should be indicated on the CE Program Approval Application Supplement.


Still have questions?

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