Certification Renewal Information

Last certified in 2021? 2024 IS YOUR TIME TO RENEW!


How to renew your SANE certification

Certification is valid for 3 years and expires on December 31 of the third year, regardless of the month in which you attained your initial certification. All renewal materials must be submitted by the renewal deadline date of the year your certification expires. The Association sends renewal notices via email. Ensure your profile email address is current.

How to Renew

Use the Certification Renewal Handbook and this checklist as your guides.

  • Apply to renew by exam (Exam deadlines apply. You must achieve a passing score on the certification examination prior to Dec 31 of the year in which your certification expires.)
  • Register/pay and apply to renew by CE

Renewal News

Your CE accrual start date is tailored to YOU! Note the date of your last certification congratulations letter from IAFN.

The earlier you certify (by exam or renewal), the more time you have to accrue CE.

Commission for Forensic Nursing Certification

Certification granted by the Commission for Forensic Nursing Certification (CFNC) is pursuant to a voluntary procedure intended solely to test for specialized knowledge. The CFNC does not purport to license, to confer a right to privilege upon, nor otherwise to define the qualifications of any person for nursing practice. The significance of certification in any jurisdiction or institution is the responsibility of the candidate to determine. The candidate should contact the appropriate nursing body or institution to determine practice implications.