Total Current Certified SANEs*: 2331

SANE-A: 1636    SANE-P: 695
Total includes dual-certified SANEs


The SANE-A and SANE-P certification exams are held twice a year during April and September.

April Examinees: June 20- Results have arrived! Please check your email at the address you used to register for the exam. Certificates will be mailed this week. Questions? Contact: certification@forensicnurses.org
Congratulations to our 180 new certificants!


By CE: Opens 3.01.22 for those last certified in 2019

Online Applications Only

SANE-related Practice Hours: 200 of the 300 hrs must be focused on the adult/adolescent (for SANE-A) or prepubescent/adolescent population (for SANE-P). This change adds adolescents as a patient population for both adult and pediatric SANE practice.

What’s the Difference Between a Certificate and Certification?
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