Total Current SANE Certifications: 2720

SANE-A: 1904    SANE-P: 816
Total includes 581 dual-certified SANEs

Exam Updates

The SANE-A and SANE-P certification exams are held twice a year during April and September.

06.03.24:– The September 2024 exam application window is open! Apply by July 8 for the Early Discount!

06.14.24:–Exam results were delivered to your IAFN portal email address. Please check your inbox, spam, and delete folders.

Congratulations to our 216 new SANE certificants!

Renewal Updates

If you last certified or recertified in 2021, 2024 is your year to apply for renewal.

01.02.24 – 2024 Changes:– Please note, the last day to accrue CE for renewal is Oct 1! The regular filing deadline is Oct 1 at 11:59pm ET. The late filing deadline is Oct 15 at 11:59pm ET.

02.01.24: – Renewing By CE? The 2024 SANE Renewal application is open!

06.03.24: – Renewing by Exam? The September 2024 exam application window is open! Exam application deadlines and eligibility requirements apply. This application window is the final opportunity to renew by exam in 2024.

What’s the Difference Between a Certificate and Certification?
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