Virginia A. Lynch Pioneer Award in Forensic Nursing

This is the highest award the Association bestows to honor an individual who has made exceptional contributions to the field of Forensic Nursing.  These contributions may be made through clinical programs development, scientific achievement, legislation changes, or educational activities. No more than one award will be made each year.  Virginia Lynch Award recipient receives a 3-year membership to the Association.


  • The nominee is an International Association of Forensic Nurses voting member (Registered Nurse or equivalent).
  • The nominee has demonstrated innovative and creative methods to promote and enhance Forensic Nursing to the nursing community as well as community at large.
  • The nominee must have made significant contributions to the development of Forensic Nursing through demonstrated leadership at the local, state, and  national/international levels.
  • The nominee has worked with other organizations/disciplines to set standards of practice for the care of victims and/or offenders of violence.
  • The nominee has increased the realm of possibilities for the organization and the practice of Forensic Nursing.

Past Virginia A. Lynch Pioneer Award Winners

2021 – Pamela S. Holtzinger
2020 – No Awards Given
2019 – Zenaide Cavalcanti de Mederios Kernbeis
2018 – Michelle Ortiz
2017 – Jana French
2016 – Diana Faugno
2015 – Stacey Mitchell
2014 – Bonnie Price
2013 – Jennifer Pierce-Weeks
2012 – Sheila Macdonald
2011 – Susan Chasson
2010 – Nancy Cabelus
2009 – Denise Lyons
2008 – Elise J. Turner
2007 – Kathleen Sekula
2006 – Dr. Barbara Moynihan
2005 – Debra Holbrook
2004 – Mary Sullivan
2003 – Colleen O’Brien
2002 – Daniel J. Sheridan
2001 – Linda Saunders
2000 – Linda Ledray
1999 – Jamie Gilson
1998 – Jamie Ferrell
1997 – Arlene Kent-Wilkinson
1996 – Georgia Pasqualone
1995 – Faye Battiste-Otto