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TeleSAFE Train the Trainer: Managing Vicarious Trauma & Building Resilience in SANE

The work of Forensic Nursing involves exposure to the trauma of survivors throughout the hours-long work of collecting evidence, providing supportive services and overall forensic nursing care. This includes the delicate balance of a shared mission with competing organizational mandates of the hospital and law enforcement partners. In providing live TeleSAFE coaching to their sites, nurses are witness to the anxiety, stress and vicarious trauma experienced by the nurses they coach. The provision of ethical and high quality care requires additional attention to the stress and vicarious trauma of the provider nurse. In this workshop, we will explore the impact of vicarious trauma and share best practices for building resilience in real time as you coach your nurses through the forensic exam.

Presenter: Katherine Manners, M.Ed., LMFT, is co-Founder of Resilience Works, providing training, technical assistance, and consultation on vicarious trauma to victim services, law enforcement, medical, legal and crisis responder programs. She has more than 30 years of direct service, supervision and program development in a variety of victim & survivor services organizations including a domestic violence shelter, prosecutors’ office, community health center and a large teaching hospital.



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