Patron Award

This award will recognize will recognize one individual outside of nursing who has contributed significantly to the advancement of Forensic Nursing. The award recipient will have displayed knowledge of the benefits of the science of Forensic Nursing. No more than one award will be made each year. (This award has combined and replaced the Vision Award)  


  • The nominee does not have to be a member of the IAFN.
  • The nominee has demonstrated consistent leadership in support of the IAFN and the practice of Forensic Nursing.
  • The nominee has contributed significantly to the development and success of community or educational programs that teach or promote Forensic Nursing.

Past Patron Award Winners

2022 – Heather DeVore
2021 – Roger Canaff
2020 – No Awards Given
2019 – Leslie Hagen
2018 – Sasha Rutizer
2017 – Paula Broome
2015 – David Bernard
2014 – Katherine Melhorn
2011 – Diane Daiber
2010 – Debra Patterson
2009 – Joe Henderson
2007 – Donna Hathaway
2005 – Dr. Jeff Jones
2005 – Debbie & Robert Smith
1999 – Patricia A. Peterson