Georgia Pasqualone Camera Award

The Georgia Pasqualone Camera Award (GPCA) was established by the IAFN Foundation to recognize and support programs, communities, or facilities, which lack camera equipment. The GPCA is designed to give the awarded program(s) access to new camera equipment.

 Application for 2022 is now closed! 


Eligibility Rules:

  • Applicants must be looking to provide a camera for a forensic program without access to a camera, or as an upgrade of an existing camera.
  • An award of up to $500.00 will be given to the organization that demonstrates greatest need.
  • Proof of purchase of a camera and/or camera equipment in the form of a receipt must be sent to the IAFN Foundation, within 6 months of the award. If a receipt cannot be provided as proof of purchase to the IAFN Foundation after the 6-month period, the total in the amount of the award must be returned to the IAFN Foundation. Violations of IAFN Foundation policies or procedures will be reviewed on an individual basis.
  • A Statement of Need must be submitted to or faxed to 1-410-626-7804. The letter should be written by a program director or a hospital, clinic, facility coordinator, (one page maximum) and should detail (1)  your organization’s work (including your work environment, population served, etc.) and (2) how the organization would use this award to benefit the patients and community your  organization serves.