Front Line Forensic Nurse of the Year Award


This award will recognize individuals who provide exceptional direct patient/ client care in the forensic setting. The award is not limited to SANE’s. No more than one award will be awarded each year.


  • The nominee must be a Regular member of the IAFN and have been a member for the last three years.
  • Provides(d) direct care that met and exceeded the standards of forensic nursing care.
  • Exhibited compassion and personal sacrifice on behalf of the patient/ client.
  • Provides(d) extraordinary care that created significant benefit to the patient/client.

Past Front Line Forensic Nurse of the Year Award Winners

2022 – Iris Potter
2021 – Meghan Richardson
2021 – Gail Hansen
2020 – No awards given
2019 – Janet Carroll
2018 – Jennifer Breads
2017 – Christy Alexander
2016 – Anne Galloway