Medical Forensic Exam Videos

Adult/Adolescent Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Exam

This 58 minute video includes:

  • History Taking
  • Discussion of HIV Prophylaxis
  • Full anogenital exam with evidence collection
  • Demonstration of Foley catheter technique
  • Demonstration of toluidine blue dye application
  • Photography

Pediatric History Taking

This 63 minute video uses unscripted interactions with children of varying ages to demonstrate techniques for obtaining a history. It also includes demonstrations of positioning the female pediatric patient for sexual assault exams

Intimate Partner Violence

This 37 minute video demonstrates an exam of a pregnant patient reporting Intimate Partner Violence including:

  • History Taking
  • Photodocumentation of Injuries
  • Lethality Risk Assessment
  • Strangulation Assessment
  • Care of the Pregnant IPV Patient

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