Forensic Nursing Education IPV Guideline

Complimentary, downloadable copies are offered below. Please note that your state/province/country may have specific training requirements. Always check with your local Board of Nursing to ensure your training meets their requirements.
Intimate Partner Violence Nurse Examiner Education Guidelines (PDF) (updated 2020).
Core Competencies for Advanced Practice Forensic Nursing (PDF)(2004)

Spanish translation of the SANE Education Guidelines has been supported by the University of Arizona Advanced Nursing Education (ANE)-SANE Program with funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration.

Additional Materials

We support the United States Department of Justice’s National Training Standards for Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examiners (updated 2018), as well as the National Protocol for Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examinations (Adult/Adolescent) and the National Protocol for Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examinations (Pediatric)

Download the Non-Fatal Strangulation Documentation Toolkit provided by IAFN for detailed guidance on assessment techniques, documentation, evidence collection, sample documents, and more.



*In Spanish, nouns have either a masculine or feminine lexical gender. Traditionally, the grammatical masculine is used to refer to individuals of either sex when gender is not specified. So, the nurse would be translated as the masculine, el enfermero. However, considering that the majority of users of the Education Guidelines and their patients are women, we have opted for the feminine form for both nurse and patient, la enfermera and la paciente, respectively. In making this decision, IAFN has considered options for both genders, collective references, and contemporary alternatives and rejected them as impractical. 

IAFN favors language choices that embrace gender equality, fair representation, and diversity. IAFN acknowledges that not all SANEs or sexual assault patients are women and invites readers to provide IAFN with feedback as to this decision and adopt variations they prefer.