Distinguished Fellow Award

This award will recognize the impact of the significant contributions and accomplishments that the individual has achieved through their work in advancement of the profession of Forensic Nursing. No more than one award will be made each year. Recipient of this award will be designated as a Distinguished Fellow of the International Association of Forensic Nurses. Regular/Associate membership must be maintained in order to keep the designation. The award recipient may use the title of Distinguished Fellow as part of their professional title. Recipient of the Distinguished Fellow Award receives a complimentary one year membership in the Association.


  • The nominee is an International Association of Forensic Nurses voting member.
  • The nominee has demonstrated a commitment to the development of the profession of Forensic Nursing.
  • The nominee, through research and/or theory development, advances knowledge of forensic concepts and their relation to nursing care.
  • The nominee will have made a significant contribution to opening and advancing opportunities in Forensic Nursing through outstanding achievements in public health, welfare and safety.

Past Distinguished Fellow Winners

2020 – No Awards Given
2019 – Janice Du Mont
2018 – Kim Day
2017 – Annie Lewis-O’Connor
2016 – Dr. Karen Neill
2015 – Pamela Tabor
2014 – Rachell Ekroos
2013 – Jamie Ferrell
2012 – Joyce Williams
2011 – Jacqueline Callari-Robinson
2010 – Angela Frederick Amar
2009 – Diana Faugno
2008 – Cindy Peternelj-Taylor
2007 – Patricia A. Crane
2006 – Dr. Louanne Lawson
2005 – Russell Rooms
2004 – Jenifer Markowitz
2003 – Dian L. Williams
2002 – Paul T. Clements
2001 – Patricia Speck
2000 – Gwendolyn R. Costello
1998 – Patricia Loftus
1998 – Dawn Rice
1996 – Virginia Lynch
1996 – Janet Barber Duval
1995 – Ann Burgess
1995 – Dr. Z.G. Standing Bear
1995 – Dr. Patrick Besant-Matthews