Ann Burgess Forensic Nursing Research Award

This award honors an individual who has made exceptional research contributions to the field of Forensic Nursing. These contributions may be made through clinical program development, scientific achievement, legislative changes, or educational activities. No more than one award will be made each year. Recipients of this award will receive a one year complimentary Association membership.


  • The nominee must be an International Association of Forensic Nurses regular member.
  • The nominee has completed and published forensic nursing research within the past 5year.
  • The nominee has made significant contributions to the application of forensic nursing research in the clinical environment, and with other disciplines that interface with forensic nursing.
  • The nominee has demonstrated innovative and creative methods to promote and enhance research in forensic nursing to the nursing community.
  • The nominee has encouraged and supported research concepts through theoretical and/or clinical practice.

Past Ann Burgess Research Award Winners

2022 – Nancy Downing
2021 – Kathleen Sekula
2020 – No Awards Given
2019 – Carolyn Porta
2018 – Stacy Drake
2017 – Jocelyn Anderson
2016 – Julie Valentine
2015 – Patricia Speck
2014 – Kathryn Laughon
2012 – Deborah Shelton
2011 – Linda Rossman
2010 – Rebecca Campbell
2009 – Ann Burgess