This year, IAFN is celebrating 30 years! Since 1992, the IAFN has grown from 72 members to 6,200 members in 26 countries. Please join us as we celebrate the impact the organization has made on the forensic nursing community. Activities, events, and resources will be added to this page through the year.

Special Events

Join us September 28 – October 1, 2022 at our 2022 International Conference on Forensic Nursing Science and Practice for fun and festivities!  More details coming soon. 

30th Anniversary Membership Drive – IAFN is giving away IAFN exclusive swag to one new member in 2022 as part of our 30th Anniversary celebrations. 

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Historical Highlights



  • Forensic nursing was introduced in 1992 in Minneapolis, MN by Virginia Lynch and Linda Ledray.
    IAFN was born in 1992.  There were 72 members.


  • ANA recognized the specialty of forensic nursing 
  • Virginia Lynch is the first recipient of IAFN Pioneer Award


  • SANE standards accepted and published by IAFN.
  • Dr. Linda Ledray awarded grant by OVC to produce a guidebook for development & operation of a SANE program.


  • ANA Congress of Nursing Practice approved the Standards of Forensic Nursing Practice.


  • 1st Chapter of IAFN, New Jersey State, Parlin, NJ
  • Over 1,800 members of IAFN


  • The first SANE nurse in the UK is Milly Doregos from England.


  • 2,422 members
  • First SANE-A certification test offered at 41 test sites.
  • 16 IAFN Chapters
  • IAFN officially launched the Journal of Forensic Nursing.


  • IAFN released the first national guidelines for SANE Education.
  • IAFN has continued to update those guidelines as practice has evolved and, as of 2020, they are also available in Spanish.


  • IAFN releases Forensic Nurse Death Investigator Guidelines
  • IAFN works with Indian Health Services to provide training to expand forensic nursing in hospitals, health clinics, and health stations within the Indian health system which serves 2.5 million American Indians and Alaska Natives from more than 570 federally recognized Tribes in 37 states. 


  • IAFN releases a strangulation documentation toolkit 


  • IAFN introduces Intimate Partner Violence Certificate Program. 


  • More than 1000 Forensic Nursing Programs are registered through IAFN’s Listing including hospitals, clinics, and community-based forensic nursing services.
  • The IAFN has more than 6000 members globally, many of whom are practicing SANEs
  • IAFN houses the only approved SANE certification for both the adult and pediatric populations and offers a certificate for IPV