Addressing DIY Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits: Protecting Our Patients

As forensic nurses, our primary concern is the patient’s health. These at-home kits provide no healthcare benefit.

March 2020 Video Statement

August 2019 Video Statement: Responding to Victim-Administered Evidence Collection Kits

A Statement from Hope Exists After Rape Trauma (H-E-A-R-T)

“A person in trauma should not be responsible for collecting their own evidence. This is not a DIY activity. Doing so can mean the difference between justice served and justice lost. It may lead the victim to a false sense of security, believing she has all the evidence she needs. To promote this concept is to deny truth to victims, that truth being that it takes experts to collect and preserve viable evidence for court. Victims deserve to have the proper equipment, expertise and immediate emotional care to conduct this exam correctly to prove their case. This exam, even at it’s very best, is invasive. But at least when completed by a professional, we have reliable results. A DIY kit does not accomplish this goal.” – Debbie Smith

National District Attorneys Association: Statement

From Our Partners

Campus Advocacy and Prevention Professionals Association: Statement

New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault: Statement

Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence: Statement

Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape: Statement

California Association of Crime Laboratory Directors: Statement

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Last updated March 2020